Ice’s Adventure by Reuben

Creeping through the house was Ice. Once again he was out to cause mischief. Whilst he was walking along the hallway, he heard footsteps behind him, he checked for anyone but nothing. Also he knew they were not his because his are as quiet as a mouse. This was very suspicious.

Just then he saw a frightening shadow round the corner and no bigger than him. He wondered if it was another elf but it can’t have been so he carried on walking but also looking all around him. AS QUICK AS A FLASH, SOMETHING POUNCED ON HIM… AND FROZE HIM.

The next morning Reuben’s bed pushed him out onto the floor he knew something was wrong.
“Ice?” he said in a tremulous voice. He found himself rushing downstairs, it was 12:00. He was scared.

Round the corner he could see magic glitter falling on to the floor. He heard a straining sound and at once the first thing that came to his head was Ice. Something was taking his magic but then it stopped! Thank god he said to himself. He rushed back up stairs, “Nicholas, wake up! Something terrible has happened to Ice.”
“I know you’re older but stop waking me up”….