Elf Adventure

Poppy and Maisy woke with a start. Roughly throwing the curtains open, they were greeted by a dark, gloomy, grey sky with heavy, swollen clouds. Sneaking down the stairs, Maisy flicked the light on. Poppy could still smell the burnt, winter candle that was on the night before. Inhaling deeply, the girls scanned the room. It was eerily silent like an abandoned, large, echoey palace. Carefully placing a bright pink, fluffy bunny slipper forwards, Maisy tiptoed closer towards the radiator with Poppy scuttling close behind her. There, strapped to the cold metal with black and red tape, were their elves.
” Libby, Holly, L L Lu Lu, sprinkles? ” asked Poppy in a tremulous voice. No response. They both leaned in closer. Leading away from the elves were tiny footprints that had left a dusting of glitter on the carpet….