Ella’s nightmare.

Ella woke up with a fright. Desperately getting out of her bed, she looked through her curtains, but then something made a BANG. Ella was afraid to go down and check.
but she did.
Tiptoeing down the stairs, she heard another BANG.
Now Ella knew where it really came from, THE BASEMENT.
She was really scared, as if a clown was Wright behind her about to give her goosebumps.
She went down into the BASEMENT.
Step by step cc, she heard cracking noises as she stood on the cracky wooden stairs.
She was on the basement floor.
It was really dark so she pulled a torch out of her pyjama pocket just in case anything went wrong.
Now she knew what was wrong, it was glittering footprints and now she knew what the BANG was, her evil elf from the North Pole….