Welcome To The Stone Age!

Year 4 have travelled back in time today! All the way back to the Stone Age. They spent the morning making a Stone Age necklace to impress their fellow cavemen and women! They also made some weapons to protect themselves against prehistoric predators!

In the afternoon, the rain stayed away and our hunter-gatherers explored the school grounds for nuts and berries (whilst also using their orientation skills). They also whittled tools and built shelters to protect them from the blustery autumn weather. To finish, we had a campfire and toasted bread, spreading on a delicious berry compote!

It has been a brilliant, creative and very muddy day!


One thought on “Welcome To The Stone Age!”

  1. Great day Year 4., with lots of creative learning! Now, would you prefer to live in Stone Age times or 2017? Let me know your thoughts with reasons.


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