Updated Information Regarding the Spring Term

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back! I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year!

This term our PE days will fall on Monday and Friday.

Home Reading will remain on Tuesday.

Home Learning will now move to Thursday due to our PE and brass lessons taking place on Friday. New Home Learning Project sheets will be sent home this Thursday.

Spellings and our spelling test will remain on Friday.

Clem and the Dark

Slowly venturing further into the forest, James and Clem did not talk. The weather was now a drizzly mist with nobody moving. The trees seemed to quietly whisper to each other. Suddenly, it was dark, a darkness like the night sky. Thud. They had landed some where…
“ Clem!” Quivered James.
“I’m right here,” responded Clemson. “ I’ve found a switch, a light switch!”
Clem switched the light on and found she was in a bacment or was it…

Ella’s nightmare.

Ella woke up with a fright. Desperately getting out of her bed, she looked through her curtains, but then something made a BANG. Ella was afraid to go down and check.
but she did.
Tiptoeing down the stairs, she heard another BANG.
Now Ella knew where it really came from, THE BASEMENT.
She was really scared, as if a clown was Wright behind her about to give her goosebumps.
She went down into the BASEMENT.
Step by step cc, she heard cracking noises as she stood on the cracky wooden stairs.
She was on the basement floor.
It was really dark so she pulled a torch out of her pyjama pocket just in case anything went wrong.
Now she knew what was wrong, it was glittering footprints and now she knew what the BANG was, her evil elf from the North Pole….

Maisy’s Adventure by Freya

Carefully placing a slippered foot forwards, she went into the forest. It was eerily silent. She heard someone coming. He came to help her but when she turned around, he had gone. She was scared because she just came up with a name, it was “Jake.” Sadly, she went home. When she came back the next day she shouted “Jake.” This time no response. At that moment, Maisy felt so scared, that she nearly fainted.

Elf Adventure

Poppy and Maisy woke with a start. Roughly throwing the curtains open, they were greeted by a dark, gloomy, grey sky with heavy, swollen clouds. Sneaking down the stairs, Maisy flicked the light on. Poppy could still smell the burnt, winter candle that was on the night before. Inhaling deeply, the girls scanned the room. It was eerily silent like an abandoned, large, echoey palace. Carefully placing a bright pink, fluffy bunny slipper forwards, Maisy tiptoed closer towards the radiator with Poppy scuttling close behind her. There, strapped to the cold metal with black and red tape, were their elves.
” Libby, Holly, L L Lu Lu, sprinkles? ” asked Poppy in a tremulous voice. No response. They both leaned in closer. Leading away from the elves were tiny footprints that had left a dusting of glitter on the carpet….

Ice’s Adventure by Reuben

Creeping through the house was Ice. Once again he was out to cause mischief. Whilst he was walking along the hallway, he heard footsteps behind him, he checked for anyone but nothing. Also he knew they were not his because his are as quiet as a mouse. This was very suspicious.

Just then he saw a frightening shadow round the corner and no bigger than him. He wondered if it was another elf but it can’t have been so he carried on walking but also looking all around him. AS QUICK AS A FLASH, SOMETHING POUNCED ON HIM… AND FROZE HIM.

The next morning Reuben’s bed pushed him out onto the floor he knew something was wrong.
“Ice?” he said in a tremulous voice. He found himself rushing downstairs, it was 12:00. He was scared.

Round the corner he could see magic glitter falling on to the floor. He heard a straining sound and at once the first thing that came to his head was Ice. Something was taking his magic but then it stopped! Thank god he said to himself. He rushed back up stairs, “Nicholas, wake up! Something terrible has happened to Ice.”
“I know you’re older but stop waking me up”….

Christmas Brass Performance

Thank you Year 4 for decorating your instruments in such a festive fashion!

Here they are performing Christmas is Coming and Christmas Time.


P.S. If you’re wearing headphones, you might want to turn the volume down slightly…

Untitled from Year 4 2015/16 on Vimeo.